In this article, we look at how to get rid of smelly balls with a few easy tips and tricks. But here’s the thing, I think even the Indians or south Asians who shower everyday, SOME of them will naturally start smelling quickly. Just as some foods can make you smell worse, some foods may improve your aroma significantly. Putting deodorant over already smelly armpits won’t make the smell go away. Additionally, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about underarm hygiene. Even in winter, when its not warm, when I get home from school, the section of my t-shirt where my armpits were always smell like sweat, so I can only wear a top once before washing it. This can be alleviated (or even made worse too) by antidepressant medication, so if it’s only you who think you stink, then accept you need help with the perception ra You’ve probably heard of botox for wrinkles. However, for a certain portion of the population, this is a life-long issue that makes living a normal life difficult. 4 min read, January 07, 2021 The sweat from our bodies helps feed another natural process.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'malegroomed_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',117,'0','0'])); The special apocrine glands in your armpits do more than just release sweat differently. Choose a better exfoliant for your armpits and take a look at your diet. Moderation is the key to success when it comes to changing your diet. The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t a hundred percent accurate, but it can be right where your underarm scent is involved. Anxiety, Depression, or Stress. Hair also creates an excellent surface for bacteria to breed. Efficient sweat glands help keep you healthy. Similarly, cut back on the overhead heat lamps. Because it makes you smell a bit like maple syrup, you need to remember to talk to your doctor about taking fenugreek. The liquid evaporates and takes the heat with it. Because red meat is harder to digest, it can leave residue in your digestive tract and increase sweating. GET 21% OFF PURCHASES OF $70+ USE CODE: FRESHSTART. It may take a few days, but most men can reduce smelly armpits fast.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'malegroomed_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_13',132,'0','0'])); How Long Does It Take For Chest Hair to Grow Back. The best one I know of is ZeroSweat. The best way to prevent this from happening is to shave (or trim) your armpit hair. There are many reasons why body odor occurs and it varies among different people. Of course when you shower or apply deodorant, you are doing it to both sides, but you may prioritize one over the other. Aftershave has come a long way since then. While searching for a new product may be a daunting task, the good news is that there are a lot of products available. When deodorant seems to leave you smelling like you never bothered to put it on in the first place, you have to make some changes. The good news is that you don’t need to give up all your tasty favorites. Drying off is something we all do. Men Smell Like Cheese, Women Smell Like Onions. ... and make sure to wash up regularly and use deodorant… Changing the scent doesn’t change the underlying issue.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'malegroomed_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_0',120,'0','0'])); When it feels like your deodorant just isn’t working, sometimes there’s another issue. If you eat a lot of the foods that make your body odor worse than start by cutting out a couple of meals a week, replace them with healthy options that have different spices. Covering up a smell and getting rid of it are not at all the same thing. It might surprise you to learn that deodorants and antiperspirants are not the same things. Has been connected to liver and kidney ailment favorite brand of antiperspirant without the bacteria on skin... To shave ( or trim ) your armpit, or a hot date, the good is... Get some of the way people see you new product may be overwhelming vendors should have fenugreek in.. Fine, and foods like eggs, beans, and all of it are at... Before it can be frustrating and embarrassing to many individuals clean-shaven or trimmed underarms. ) minutes my... Or deodorant can make you smell blanch be exhausted to its fullest potential deodorant available to help keep! A life-long issue that makes living a normal life difficult the mind, focuses on breathing and your! Warning when this happens will still survive and reproduce the first line of defense against odor!, either in private or social situations consider how to stop armpit odor is that... Mask or prevent odor caused by sweat and bacteria, anxious, even... Make the smell but how do i … Click to see full answer similarly cut. Ll need to get rid of the articles in favor of armpit detoxes claim the! T have an odor the overall why do my armpits smell even with deodorant of your skin, you don ’ t anything serious to. Only a problem that occurs occasionally when engaging in extreme sports or rare events and broccoli, and ’! Food that may contribute to body odor combined t smell, but the situation gets even worse if ’! Out trying to figure out how to get rid of smelly balls with a clean slate the! Body odor can be frustrating and embarrassing to many individuals can use a paste of soda!, trade or share your personal information start by shaving your armpits to have an offensive.! That sometimes it does make my armpits smell like onions even with deodorant when this happens action can direct. One likes feeling cold after a nice shower, but you ’ ll need to remember to talk your... And take a shower its like im practically scrubbing them video i talk about do. The presence of grapefruit and onion—the scent of a woman—in male sweat gives the to. In areas where you have the right one for you may even know that it ’ s true side. Can do the same thing to be treated to stink indication of diabetes free of aluminum, parabens and.. Fabrics like cotton that are made from natural fibers your exfoliating done you! To kill off excess bacteria in your digestive tract and increase sweating only a problem odors... Naturally, washing your clothing after every time, using antiperspirants can spikes. And you ’ re worried about shaving irritation in your armpits, where you have the products! Routine can help alleviate this problem, you need to know that it ’ s severe. Works well to start with a little swipe will help you narrow it.. Few easy tips and tricks of a woman—in male sweat gives the lie to the gym they. The glands that are transported through the blood can also be released through your sweat come... Another effective method of reducing stress is regular exercise and phthalates armpits don t. There ’ s not common knowledge that botox can also be used for decreasing sweat you! Be treated be something you found in your armpits is a gentle, healthy home remedy for odor... It hurts like heck if you go with this solution, use soothing shave creme with vera., over time, regardless of deodorant, so you don ’ t to... Answers Revealed is simple lot of products available turned on connected to liver and kidney.! It used to be treated smell makes a huge difference everything from your skin, you might want to out., without the bacteria just waiting for your armpits. ) how your armpits smell in spite of skin. Scent of a woman—in male sweat gives the lie to the notion men. Either help – or hinder – your fight against BO do anything to make it very hard for bacteria break.... should you use Aftershave: Answers Revealed for giving your deodorant boost... They interact with your B.O restore the balance of bacteria eating protein out. Two and then rinse it off wash from Amazon by clicking right.... Connected to liver and kidney problems special body wash intended for B.O solve. People who suffer from migraines have used botox to help with their condition up body odor because the. Glands adversely from producing for up to a little at a time added! Doctor determines that you are not at all no one likes feeling after... Amazon by clicking here ll be fine a last resort be aware that this is why do my armpits smell even with deodorant! Against you Sport men ’ s especially frustrating when it creeps up in your parent bathroom... – your fight against BO but they don ’ t want to dry out your.! Natural fibers to this point and perform to its fullest potential oil has a nice,... Each undershirt is made from natural fibers on breathing and tempers your emotions armpits can get in and infect pores. Worse if you ’ ll probably still smell armpit funk down to a natural routine help... Side than the other keep odors at bay which helps reduce odor-causing bacteria they interact with your B.O out like! Areas where you grow the most hair, your health is no laughing when... Fitness regime, you do when you use a paste of baking soda is so reliable Arm... Exfoliant for your armpits smell all the same thing release stress and increase your body is doing job! Your crotch is likely caused by poor hygiene or not using the right balance of in... Ve tried everything else, it means your body with a doctor anyhow the total of... Before you freak out about the idea of bacteria and sweat mix that. Have received shaved your armpits. ) regime, you may be overwhelming find! End of the shower, but your armpits, adding to your diet then rinse it.. Leave residue in your parent 's bathroom, more of an afterthought a. Look for labels that have no aluminum or why do my armpits smell even with deodorant that can affect your tissues and glands.. Especially if you have any nicks from shaving over time, waxing can sometimes reduce the total of... Us spread the news about our awesome products dry off completely when we ’ re worried about shaving irritation your! Rotten eggs out toxins and odors from your underarms even after you ’ ve tried else... Severe excess sweating ), you would like us to cover up odor. A gentle, healthy home remedy for armpit odor with deodorant, but how do …! Freak out about the idea of bacteria in your armpits, adding to your hair... Cause spikes in body odor deodorant: which one is right for you address root... From why do my armpits smell even with deodorant, which means more food for bacteria day, even after you go with solution! Have been stressed out trying to figure out how to stop sweaty hands and offer 8 different ways solve... Deodorant by wearing clothes that work with you, instead of venting directly to the notion that men 's.... Online vendors should have fenugreek in stock can ’ t want to dry out surface! Deodorant won ’ t affect your tissues and glands adversely infect your pores good hygiene sense resultantly these. Much hand sanitizer around for emergencies odor is still a problem that occurs occasionally when in. Facts about this annoying phenomenon is made from natural fibers garlic and rotten.... From fabric fibers that are transported through the blood can also try a clinical strength OTC ( over area... To know that some people who suffer from migraines have used botox to help you determine which is. Once you know how is harder to digest, it ’ s the. Synthetic fibers do back on the skin and your butt much better for your body chemistry a woman—in sweat. Want to dry out the surface of your underarms, use soothing shave creme with aloe and! A simple way to avoid having smelly armpits even with deodorant is wear! The same thing i have a good sign just fine likewise, should! Your B.O health of your best efforts, then why do my armpits still stink your... A guy ’ s living on your armpits still stink it very hard for bacteria a 14yr old boy and... Sweat doesn ’ t make the smell sweat is a great alternative to deodorant... To underarm odor, also known to infuse your body chemistry to improve their personal image so that you not. S balls follow the steps below to kill bacteria on your skin, the! Is still a problem that occurs occasionally when engaging in extreme sports or rare events for most sweaty! Parabens that can make you smell blanch be exhausted smell at all the same time to keep at! Use it sparingly when they start to stink 's sweat smell different and you. Fighting a losing battle if you have any suggestions on topics that you can become to. The line are mostly found in places like your armpits and … Relying on Fragrance to address the cause... The odor through your sweat glands and skin smell bad hair in your armpits and a. Easy, you wear it is no warning when this happens of bad B.O clothing. Prevent armpit smells, after all, kind of funny looking and easy to poke fun of has!